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Jonny Andrews’ Perfect Publishing System Freebie

If you’re looking for a free copy of Jonny’s Perfect Publishing System (bittorrent or otherwise), don’t sweat it – it’s just not there (trust me). The course is only accessible as streaming video training online

But there is the next best thing to getting a free copy.

There is a little-known secret I want to tell you about – it’s a purchase link that will get you a free Amazon Kindle Fire when you buy the course.

Basically, as long as you buy the course using that link, and as long as you don’t refund the course within the refund period, you get the free Kindle Fire (the color Kindle reader from Amazon) with your purchase.

The official page at PerfectPublishingSystem.com is not providing this freebie, so the only way to get this bonus is to use this link: PerfectPublishingSystemBonus.com/FreeKindle

There is also a link that will allow you to get the course with a two-pay option and still get a freebie: PerfectPublishingSystemBonus.com/FreeKindle2

You’re welcome :-)

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